The Vézelay Way – Perigueux to Mont-de-Marsan 4/5

The fourth section of the Vézelay Way, one of the classic Camino de Santiago routes in France, starts from the cathedral in medieval Périgueux and takes pilgrims to Mont-de-Marsan, ‘the city of three rivers’.

Explore the medieval centre and rich heritage of Périgueux before you set off. On the Vezelay Camino route, pilgrims will discover the peaceful and varied countryside of the Aquitaine region in the South West of France, walking across woodland, pine forests, lush fields and pastures and pretty vineyards. This Camino route will also take you to some of the ‘most beautiful towns in France’ (officially!) like Sainte-Foy-la-Grande and Bazas with its magnificent UNESCO-listed cathedral. Your Vézelay Way journey comes to an end in the lovely medieval city of Mont-de-Marsan.