The Vezelay Camino Vézelay Camino

Walking or Cycling
Up to 39 nights
897 km
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April to October
1 week from €510
Alma, United States - July 2016
"I travel a lot but hands down this was my most memorable trip. Santiago de Compostela has an indescribable magic. My intention was to workout and see new frontiers. The Camino had something else in mind for me. I learned a great deal more about myself and came back home transformed and with a sense of peace, happiness and well being. My journey was super comfortable and Camino Ways was excellent in preparing my hotel stays. I had to make some minor adjustments during my Camino and the staff at Camino Ways was very helpful and prompt in addressing my needs. FYI my friend with whom I walked the Camino paid double and got pretty much the same thing I did! I was trilled to have obtained a good price for a first class trip. The top rated Parador Hotels along the way were a treat for my tired body. I highly recommend doing the Camino and if you don't want to stay in hostels and prefer a little bit more comfort and great meals, Camino Ways is the way to go. Thank you Camino Ways for being part of the best trip of my life!" Alma walked the Camino Portugues.
Ann, Ireland - September 2016
"Enjoyed every step of the way. Wouldn't change a thing. Can't wait to do another Camino We walked from Sarria to Santiago and loved everything about it. Enjoyed the peacefulness, yet had a lot of fun with friends too making it our favourite holiday yet!!! Would not be interested in a regular sun holiday again!"

The Vezelay Camino, Chemin de Vézelay in French or Via Lemovicensis in Latin, takes walkers from the vineyards of Burgundy in central France to the feet of the Pyrenees in the Spanish border. The route is a distance of 900 km from Vezelay to St Jean Pied de Port where you can join the famous Camino Frances.

The pretty little medieval town of Vézelay in Burgundy is the starting point of this trail. Vézelay has been a popular destination for pilgrims for many centuries, attracted by the shrine and relics of Mary Magdalene, reputedly kept in the town’s magnificent UNESCO-listed abbey.

The Vezelay Way then takes pilgrims across the lush hills of the Limousin region, the gorgeous Medieval city of Limoges, the valleys of the Périgord and the plains of Aquitaine and the Landes.

Your journey on the Vezelay Camino will take you to the Saint James Gate (Porte de Saint Jacques) as you enter the walled Basque town of Saint Jean Pied de Port. It is here where many of the Camino routes coming from France converge and where you can join the famous Camino Frances to continue on your way to Santiago de Compostela.

The full Vezelay Way takes 39 nights to complete but we can break it into different stages for you that will take you along the route 1 week at a time.

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