The Paris & Tours Way – Paris to Orléans 1/5

The first section of the Paris & Tours Camino de Santiago (Via Turonensis in Latin) starts in Paris, ‘City of Lights’, and ends in medieval Orléans.

This Camino from Paris crosses one of the most productive agricultural areas of France so it is quite a flat and easy section to walk. Starting at the Tour St Jacques (St James Tower), you will cross the always fascinating city of Paris on the way to Orléans. Along the Via Turonensis you will discover many villages and hamlets with churches, abbeys and castles, stunning reminders of the area’s medieval heritage. At the end of this section of the Camino from Paris, you will arrive in Orléans, a city directly linked to the history of the Kingdom of France.

Although some times physically demanding, this Camino walk only requires a reasonable level of fitness. However, If you do feel tired, there are many bars and restaurants along the way where you can stop to take a rest.