The Original Way Cycling – Oviedo to Santiago FULL CYCLE

Cycling the Original Way: The Original Way or Camino Primitivo #caminoprimitivo is the oldest Camino route, first used by devout pilgrims from Asturias in the 9th Century, including King Alfonso II. The route has been taken by pilgrims ever since and it was the most popular Camino until the 10th century, when the French Way began to grow in popularity. The first half of the Camino Primitivo is one of the most challenging but also one of the most spectacular, as you will be cycling across the mountains of Asturias and into Galicia. The stunning panoramic views from mountain passes and peaceful hamlets will be your reward.

The Original Way starts in the elegant city of Oviedo, which has been a pilgrimage destination for many centuries. From Oviedo, the Camino Primitivo trail takes you into the heart of Asturias, where you should taste its famous cider and delicious regional dishes. Cycling valleys, up mountains and across remote villages you will make your way to the walled city of Lugo, home to an impressive UNESCO-listed Roman Wall, wrapped around the old town.

The second half of the trail is much easier as you will be in hilly farmland and not mountainous terrain. In the lively market town of Melide, famous for its octopus restaurants (pulperías), you will be joining the pilgrims on the French Way (Camino Francés). From here it is an easy ride to your destination: Santiago de Compostela.

*We recommend cycling the Camino only if you have some cycling experience and if you have essential bike maintenance knowledge. Cycling the Camino de Santiago – How it Works.