The Northern Way – Gijon to Vilalba 4/5

The fourth section of the Camino del Norte, the Northern Way route of the famous Camino de Santiago, starts in the coastal city of Gijón by the Cantabrian Sea. This is a fabulous Camino trail following the coast most of the way and taking pilgrims through pretty seaside villages and fishing towns in Asturias such as Luarca and Navia. As you cross the bridge over the Eo River you will reach the lively town of Ribadeo, entering Galicia. Ribadeo is a home to the spectacular Cathedrals Beach (Praia das Catedrais), Galicia’s second most visited site after Santiago Cathedral.
From Ribadeo, the Camino del Norte heads inland across the rolling green hills towards the once important town of Mondoñedo with its fantastic medieval architecture, cathedral, monastery and grand homes. All along the Asturian and Galician coast you will be rewarded with stunning scenery and architecture, as well as delicious local food, particularly fish and seafood; not forgetting the famous cider of Asturias.