The Northern Way Cycling – Bilbao to Gijon 1/2

Cycle the first half of the Camino del Norte, the Northern route of the Camino de Santiago, starting in the stunning coastal Basque city of Bilbao.The route travels West along the green hills of the Basque Coast, passing picturesque villages, beautiful sandy beaches and stunning bays. From the Basque Country you will head into Cantabria and then Asturias, where you will have a chance to admire the natural beauty, heritage and gastronomy of this part of ‘Green Spain’. The area is known for its exquisite cuisine so you are in for a foodie treat. You will finish your Camino by bike in Gijón, where you can treat yourself to a glass of the famous Asturias natural cider!

*We recommend cycling the Camino only if you have some cycling experience and if you have essential bike maintenance knowledge. Cycling the Camino de Santiago – How it Works.