The Le Puy Way – Conques to Cahors 3/6

The third section of the Le Puy Way, the Via Podiensis, takes pilgrims from the magical village of Conques to medieval¬†Cahors; with the Lot River wrapped around the city’s historic centre. Conques and Cahors are probably two of the most beautiful towns of the whole Le Puy Camino route.

This is a wonderful stretch of the Le Puy Way, taking walkers along forest tracks, lush farmland and rolling hills where you will enjoy magnificent views. Also on this section, pilgrims will cross the Causses du Quercy natural park and pass the 3,500 year old dolmen of Pech Loglaire; as well as the oldest stone cross in the whole Le Puy Camino route.

The Camino in France is marked as a GR Route with red and white stripes; as well as the traditional scallop shell and yellow markings.