The Finisterre Way Cycling – Santiago to Muxia

The Camino to Fisterra is a very unique route, as it is the only one starting in Santiago de Compostela. Cycling the Camino to Fisterra, you will be heading West to the Atlantic Ocean and the ‘End of the World’, the name given to Finisterre by the Romans.

Watch the sun set at Cape Fisterra, at the very end of the Camino de Santiago. From Fisterra you will continue cycling following the Atlantic ocean across the so-called Costa da Morte (‘Coast of Death’), where ancient inhabitants worshipped the sun and felt they could connect with loved ones in the other world.

This stunning region will reward you with spectacular ocean views, pristine sandy beaches and some of the best seafood in the country. In the fishing village of Muxía, make sure you walk nine times under the ‘Pedra dos Cadrís’ stone outside the Virxe da Barca sanctuary, said to have curative powers. Cycling the Finisterre Way to Muxia, you will discover a land of fascinating traditions, magnificent coastal scenery and delicious cuisine.

*We recommend cycling the Camino only if you have some essential bike maintenance knowledge and if you have some cycling experience. Cycling the Camino de Santiago – How it Works.