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An Update on the Vaccine Rollout in Spain [March 2021]

Many of you are asking when can we travel to Spain?

Travel to Spain and within Spanish regions is dependant on a number of factors which include but is not limited to vaccinations, both for travellers and for the people living in the host countries.

The Vaccine Rollout in Spain

Since our last Vaccination update in January, there has been good progress made with the vaccine rollout in Spain. As of March 17 2021, 5.7 Million doses of the vaccine have been administered and 1.7 Million people have been fully vaccinated.

It is still estimated that all priority groups will be vaccinated by June 2021 and the current national lockdown and state of emergency will be lifted at or before that time.

According to El Pais:

“April will represent a before and after for Covid-19 vaccinations in Spain. While a large number of doses are still arriving in the country, around a million a week, all of the pharmaceutical companies are planning to increase their deliveries next month. And that is when another vaccine is likely to be added to the three already being used by the Spanish authorities: the one made by Janssen, which is due to be approved for use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on March 11.”

The rate of vaccination in both the U.S. and the U.K. has also been very promising with both countries set to complete their vaccination objectives by summer 2021.

With more vaccinations being approved for distribution in Europe and the Astra-Zeneca vaccine now completely endorsed by the EMA, Spain and the surrounding countries should see a good improvement in the numbers vaccinated in the coming months.

Portugal has announced that it will aim to reopen for U.K. tourists in May and realistically we should see Spain on a similar trajectory.

When will the Camino be open?

Since March 12th, the Camino hostels (Albergues) have been open (at a reduced capacity of 30%) and since March 15th pilgrims are now able to walk in all areas of the Camino in Galicia.


While all areas and regions of Spain and the Camino are not currently open – there is still a state of emergency in place until May 9th 2021 – it is expected that restrictions will be lifted gradually allowing pilgrims to once again walk on all the Camino routes.

For more information on travel to Spain and the Camino, we have also compiled a Travel & COVID-19 FAQ plus you can keep up to date with all the latest COVID Travel News here.


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