Spain allows entry to U.S. travelers. All new Camino trips get a Free Postponement

Vaccination rollout in Spain making good progress

In 2021, we are confident we will see a return to our beloved Camino de Santiago.

In addition to rapid and regular testing, vaccinations are the great hope for travel in 2021.

In the US and the UK, good progress is being made with the vaccination drive in many states. Vaccinations were started there in early December 2020 and continue at a rapid rate.


But what about the Vaccination rollout in Spain?

The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 has been underway throughout Europe since December 27th, 2020.

As of that date, Spain has begun to administer a portion of its 4.5 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. 

The objective is to distribute the vaccines among the autonomous communities (of which there are 17) to immunize 2.3 million people in about 12 weeks since the vaccine requires a double injection.

Chart 1: Spanish Population vaccinated up to January 12th, 2021


The 17 autonomous communities of Spain receive a new batch of vaccines each week and distribute them according to the strategy they have designed.

Chart 2: Number of inoculated people per 100.000 population in each country.

At the moment, Pfizer’s is the most widely distributed vaccine in the European Union, after the Medicines Agency authorized its dissemination on December 21. 

It is also being used in the United States (together with the vaccine from Moderna, another manufacturer), in the Middle East, and is already present in more than thirty countries. 

The drug is suitable for people over 16 years of age and is administered in two doses, with at least 21 days between each other. Previous tests carried out with 44,000 people have yielded an efficiency of 95%.

The addition of the AstraZeneca vaccine would be of great benefit to the vaccination drive in Europe. An application has now been made to the European Medicines Agency for approval of the drug. This decision will be fast-tracked and should be decided by January 29th.

The return of travel in 2021


Overall the vaccination drive should be incredibly beneficial in many ways.

One of those ways is by helping to open up international travel and reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

In 2021, many countries around the world are confident the majority of their populations will receive the vaccine by the summer months.

In addition to rapid testing, the vaccination rollout in Spain should see a return of travel in time for the 2021 Holy Year celebrations.

Source: El Pais (Spanish Newspaper)

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  1. By Sarah

    Hi Michael, yes all going well we believe it will be open in June. The Spanish government is hoping to reopen Spain to tourism from April so hopefully we see an improvement in the number of cases and vaccines administered in the coming months. We are very hopeful though! Take care, Sarah

  2. By Michael

    Hello, is the Camino de Frances will be open in June?

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