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Travel & COVID-19 FAQ

Please note that this information is correct to the best of our knowledge as of July 2021.

Travel & COVID-19 FAQ

1. When is it safe to travel?

Right now we don’t have enough information to say for definite when it will be 100% safe to travel. All we can advise right now is that if all proper precautions are taken and if vaccinations have been given (which should happen in 2021), it should be safer to travel later this year.

For Europeans, we think summer 2021 will be a likely restart to travel and for the U.S. and outside Europe, we think from August/September 2021 is more likely.

If you would like to travel this year but are unsure if it is safe to travel, we recommend booking a trip and availing of our Free Postponement option for new bookings should you need it.


2. What are the requirements for getting into the visited country and how is it while traveling?

If you are due to travel shortly, there are both requirements and restrictions in place at the moment depending on the country you wish to visit and the country you are coming from.

Non-essential travel to the E.U is currently restricted and travel between the UK and the E.U. is currently prohibited.

Most countries in the E.U. such as Spain, France, and Portugal also require the results of a negative test (taken within 72 hours) prior to entry. There are also additional quarantine restrictions in place currently in these countries.

In terms of traveling during the pandemic, here is an updated list (CDC) of the current travel restrictions and travel requirements before, during, and after travel:

Travel to Portugal
Travel to Spain
Travel to France
Travel to Italy

Once you are traveling within these countries there are lockdown measures in place prohibiting movement between countries and regions, for example, you cannot currently move between regions along the Camino de Santiago.

For more information on the current situation regarding travel restrictions in the countries we operate see below:

Travel restrictions in Italy
Travel restrictions in Spain
Travel restrictions in Portugal
Travel restrictions in France

However, we should start to see most of these restrictions lift with the general requirements for good hygiene, mask-wearing, and social distancing remaining in place until at least the end of the year.

3.What COVID-19 protocols will your hotels have in place?

We have rigorously reviewed all of our hotels in Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy and we only work with hotels that comply fully with the government protocols regarding COVID-19.

Hotels in Portugal for example are leading the world in health and safety standards with their Clean & Safe Stamp of approval.

Please read our blog for more information on how our hotels and suppliers are COVID-ready:
Hotels in Spain
Hotels in France
Hotels in Portugal
Hotels in Italy

We are updating this list regularly with new information from suppliers as we get it and you can find all of our Hotels with COVID-19 protocol information here.

4. If I need a test upon return, where can I go, how does it work?

Some countries (including the US) require a negative test result prior to boarding a flight home. So before you board a flight home to the US for example, you must arrange to have a test carried out prior to leaving your destination and giving yourself enough time to get your negative test results.

Test results usually take up to 24 hours so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get this.

Testing is usually carried out at the airport and in health centres where you can book to have a test a couple of days before your flight home. There is more information about testing here.

To book a testing facility in Spain or Portugal click here.

We have more information about testing on our COVID-19 Travel Updates Page.

5. Will there be any restrictions or measures I will have to comply with by the time my trip comes?

Yes, even for fully vaccinated people, movements will be restricted in some respects. We still live in a world where we have to be extra cautious and as a result, we must continue with social distancing, handwashing, wearing a mask, limited capacity in restaurants and hotels etc. More information here:

Travel restrictions in Italy
Travel restrictions in Spain
Travel restrictions in Portugal
Travel restrictions in France

However, we do hope that movements between countries and regions on the Camino will not be restricted for pilgrims and that services will mostly be open and available by the end of summer 2021.

6. Will I be allowed into Spain as long as I get the vaccine?

The travel requirements for travel to Spain currently are that non-essential travel is restricted. In addition to this, you will need to provide a negative test result prior to boarding a flight to Spain. There is more information on travel restrictions for Spain here.

Right now we do not have sufficient data to tell if a vaccinated person can spread COVID-19. Ideally, before travel resumes, both travelers and the countries of destination will be mostly or fully vaccinated.

This is why we are recommending postponing travel plans to later in 2021 when there is more of a chance of a wider segment of the population being vaccinated.

7. Is the Camino actually open now? If not, when is it expected to be?

The Camino is open for pilgrims at the moment but many of the regions in Spain are in some level of lockdown/curfew.

The government is doing its best to roll out the vaccine quickly and to plan for the safe reopening of Spain to tourists.

Spain is expected to fully open to tourists in late summer 2021 and if there is any update on this, we will share this news and information as soon as we get it.

8. If I need to, how can I rebook or change my dates?

If your booking is in status “postponed” with us, you can rebook using this process:
Logging in to rebook (See item 6)

Please bear in mind that you can rebook for free up until December 2022.

Note: If the status of your booking with us is confirmed or anything other than “postponed”, you cannot change it online and will have to send the request to our customer care team at [email protected]

We will be happy to help you.

Via Francigena in Tuscany

9. If I rebook now and my new travel dates are not possible to travel, what are my options?

We will deal with each case on a case-by-case basis but we will do whatever we can to ensure you are able to travel.

If you are ready to rebook, talk to us first about the best dates so we can give you the best advice and a realistic timeline.

10. Can you tell me what your policy is about 2022 bookings? Is there any free postponement if there are still Covid-19 related travel restrictions?

Yes, the Free Postponement option can be used for all new bookings made for travel in 2022.

There is more information about the Free Postponement terms and conditions here.

11. What about if there are any sudden reimposed lockdowns on the Camino when walking there? Can the remaining “not taken” part of the trip be refunded or kept for the future?

If this happens, depending on the circumstances, we could offer you a voucher for the remaining cost which can be put towards your future trip to the Camino if you wish to continue it at a later stage.


For more information please see our terms & conditions.

Please get in touch if you have any more questions about your booking with us:



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    Hi Kieran, please find all of our latest covid information on this page:

    It is best to check with the official government websites before you travel but as a vaccinated UK citizen, you shouldn’t have any issues.

  2. By Kieran Rice

    Planning to do the Portuguese way this October can you cross the border between Portugal and spain and what do you need ?im a uk citzen double vaccinate cert etc ?
    Thank you

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