Top Camino pilgrims in 2013

3 June 2022

camino-santiago-pilgrims-caminoways.comWho were the biggest fans of the Camino de Santiago by nationality in 2013? Of the 215.880 pilgrims receiving the Compostela certificate in 2013, most of them (49,05% of the total) were from Spain (105,891), according to the statistics released by the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela. These statistics reflect the number of travellers receiving the ‘Compostela’ certificate. In order to receive the ‘Compostela’ pilgrims must walk at least the last 100km to Santiago (or cycle/by horse the last 200km) so these statistics don’t include those people walking sections of the Camino not finishing in Santiago, walking less than the distance required to obtain the ‘Compostela’ or those who haven’t requested the certificate.

After Spain, these are were the top Camino pilgrims by nationality in 2013:
1- Germany 16203 (7,51%)
2- Italy 15621 (7,24%)
3- Portugal 10698 (4,96%)
4- United States 10125 (4,69%)
5- France 8305 (3,85%)
6- Ireland 5012 (2,32%)
7- United Kingdom 4207 (1,95%)
8- Canada 3373 (1,56%)
9- Australia 3098 (1,44%)
10-Holland 2890 (1,34%)
11-Korea 2774 (1,28%)
12-Poland 2515 (1,16%)

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