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Tips: Kerry Camino walking festival

The Kerry Camino walking festival is only one month away so the team has put together a few handy tips ahead of this fantastic weekend, including some ideas on what to bring along for a weekend of healthy fun and spectacular scenery!


What to bring:

Don’t forget your ticket: you should have received it by email; you can print it or download to your mobile. *If you don’t have a ticket, you can get it here: Kerry Camino Walking Festival. They are selling fast!

Comfortable walking shoes or boots; some areas of the trail can get a bit boggy so make sure they are waterproof.

Snacks for the walk. Nuts, fruit, tasty sandwiches… will help you keep your energy levels up!

Plenty of water. Hydration is essential when walking.

Sun and wind protection, including hat, sun glasses and sun lotion.

Suitable walking clothes: light and quick to dry trousers (ie. jeans are not suitable for walking as they get very heavy if wet), windproof and waterproof jacket, layers of clothing so you can take them off when warm and put them on when cooling or having a rest.

Walking poles, if you are used to them while walking: they offer extra support and take weight off your legs.

A change of clothes for socialising in the evenings! Tralee is a lively and friendly town with plenty of great pubs and restaurants.


Also remember to:

Book your accommodation. It is a bank holiday weekend so the town will be busy.

Check ticket for starting time and meeting point each day.

Check your emails the days coming up to the festival for updates and last minute information from the Kerry Camino walking festival organisers.

There will be filming and plenty of pictures being taken during the festival, so don’t forget to bring your best smile!

You can find more details about the trail, such as elevation and daily distances on our website: Kerry Camino

Feel free to print this checklist or contact the team for additional tips ahead of the walking festival.

If you are on Twitter or Instagram, you can follow updates using the hashtag #KerryCamino during the weekend.

You can find additional information about the trail at and the Kerry Camino walking festival organisers are happy to assist with any further questions.


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