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Camino Travel Update: June 2020

We hope all our fellow pilgrims are safe and well.

We bring good news from the Camino! Again, the situation is changing every day so we are doing our best to keep you up to date on Camino Travel News.

On Sunday (June 14th 2020) Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that Spain would open its borders to tourists from the Schengen Area from June 21st 2020. June 21st 2020 is when the country will end its State of Emergency and the 14-day quarantine requirement for visitors will be lifted in all areas of Spain.

One major exception is Portugal, which will stick to its July 1st schedule for reopening its own borders.

France and Italy are also open to tourists from the Schengen area (EU states & the UK).


Camino Travel Update: Reopening Galicia

On Monday (June 15th 2020), Galicia was the first area to exit the State of Emergency, going back to a new normality.

In Galicia, it is required to wear a mask in public areas. Social distancing measures are also in place and hotels, restaurants and cafes are implementing government guidelines to be COVID-ready when tourism fully resumes.

Public transport is also running and it is required to wear a mask.

When is the Camino reopening?

News from Spain is that the Pilgrim’s Office will reopen on July 1st, along with the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

You will be able to access both the Pilgrim’s office and the Cathedral from July 1st but there will be security measures in place to enter and there will be a reduced capacity.

Please note also that due to the ongoing restoration works, the Pilgrim’s daily mass will continue to be held in the Iglesia de San Francisco church.

Most of the hotels that we work with all expect to be open this month (June 2020) with a minority to open from early July.

It is planned that many of the Albergues (hostels) public and private will both be open from July 1st also.


Safety on the Camino is a priority

All going well, it is planned that the Camino routes will open to tourists from outside the EU from July 1st.

However, this will be a gradual process, open to a widening selection of countries that meet certain requirements.

Everyone is working hard in the background, including us, to ensure that safety is the top priority and we are constantly monitoring the changing situation.

We have a number of pilgrims travelling to the Camino in July & August and we will incorporate all feedback into our packages to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.


If you are travelling to the Camino in July or August please get in touch to share your travel experiences!

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