Spooky Camino Recipe: Saint’s Bones

Saint’s bones (huesos de santo) are a traditional All Saints dessert from the region of Castilla y León and our spooky Camino recipe. Traditionally, the ‘bones’ are marzipan rolls filled with custard cream. However, the filling can be adapted to your taste, adding different flavours like chocolate. Don’t worry, no saints will be harmed in …

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Spooky Camino: The Pilgrim Ghost

Spooky Camino: The Pilgrim Ghost In Santiago de Compostela, you will find the pilgrim ghost if you visit the imposing Quintana square, Praza da Quintana, at the back of the cathedral; with the plain granite stone and barred windows of the adjoining San Paio convent looking on. Quintana is a very popular square, frequented by …

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Spooky Santiago de Compostela

With Halloween, All Souls and All Saints Day coming up, we reveal the spookiest places and most haunting spots in Santiago de Compostela. Here’s our Halloween guide to spooky Santiago de Compostela! Praza da Quintana The Praza da Quintana at the back of Santiago’s Cathedral is divided in two areas: a lower part called Quintana dos …

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