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The spectacular Camino dos Faros

cabo-vilano-lighthouse-way-camino-dos-faros-caminowaysSpectacular Camino dos Faros

We are launching a brand new Camino trail: the spectacular Camino dos Faros, the Lighthouse Way.

A superb coastal route, the Lighthouse Way takes in the wild and rugged beauty of Atlantic Galicia in all its glory. The route is named after the many lighthouses scattered along the cliffs and capes of this stunning region.

Walkers on the spectacular Camino dos Faros will be rewarded with spectacular ocean views, pristine sandy beaches where to go for a swim, dramatic cliffs and a rich cultural and archaeological heritage. Along the route, walkers will reach one of Galicia’s most important megalithic tombs (Dolmen de Dombate) and pre-historic villages (6th century village Castro A Cibda), a wealth of Romanesque chapels and sanctuaries and of course, many lighthouses, most of them still in operation today.

Staying in charming fishing villages along the way, walkers will get a chance to sample some of the best fish and seafood Galicia is renowned for. This area of ‘Green Spain’ is famous for its gooseneck barnacles (percebes), harvested from exposed sea cliffs by intrepid ‘percebeiros’.

The best way to discover spectacular Camino dos Faros hidden gem is on foot: its breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine and ancient history.  The final point of the trail is the iconic Cape Fisterra, the ‘End of the World’, where you will meet pilgrims coming from Santiago de Compostela.

For more details on this breathtaking route, check out: The Lighthouse Way

When and Price for the spectacular Camino dos Faros: From only €642pps for 7 nights.

Price includes: Half-board accommodation, luggage transfers and holiday pack with practical information.

Does not include: Flights, airport transfers (optional) and travel insurance.

*Please note the Camino dos Faros or Lighthouse Way is not part of the Camino de Santiago route network but a fantastic coastal walking trail developed by a local association. However, the last stretch of the route takes walkers to Muxia, Lires and Fisterra (on the Finisterre Camino route). The trail markings will differ from the traditional yellow arrow and Camino scallop shell. You will be able to request a Muxiana and Finisterrana certificates in the local tourist offices.

For more information about the Camino dos Faros, all our Camino de Santiago routes or to book your trip, contact our travel specialists.

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