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Special Deals for Camino Friends

special-deals-camino-friends-caminoways-discountsAt we like to reward our loyal customers and Camino friends. This year we are introducing new special discounts to thank you for your continued support and help you plan your next adventure!

Returning customers can now avail of new special discounted rates for self-guided tours, have a look:

Get 10% OFF when you book your second trip with us

12% OFF your third Camino trip with us

14% OFF your fourth and future trips with us

Discounts can be applied to self-guided tours, as well as self-guided tours with all our other destinations at, and

We also have special rates and discounts for groups and families, you can find details here: Discounts.

Please note discounts for guided tours are capped at 7%.

Talk to our travel specialists for more information about our special discounts and our top Camino routes

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