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Solo Traveller

Press release date: 14th January 2013

FR3 Picture 091Do you prefer to travel independently and enjoy some real alone time? If so, then Camino Ways, the walking and cycling holiday specialists, have just the thing for you.

Camino Ways offer the perfect walking package on the Portuguese Way for the solo traveller from €489pp, with no single supplement charged (single room and luggage transfers).

This offer is available until 31st January 2013.

If you are travelling alone but would prefer to join a group of like-minded walkers then this is also possible with a Camino Ways Guided Tour.

A typical day for a Camino Ways solo traveller:

6.30am – 8am: The early risers have a tendency to get up and out for 7am after enjoying a light breakfast.

8am – 3pm: Walking. Each day’s walking varies greatly from person to person and stage to stage. There are other factors to be taken into consideration such as fatigue from your previous days walking or simply your mood.

3pm – 7pm: When you’ve arrived at your hotel after your days walking you may feel you have the whole chunk of evening ahead of you, however rest is important. Once you’ve showered, tended to new blisters, made time to get provisions for the next morning you’ll be wondering where the evening disappeared to.

7pm-9pm: The Spanish normally eat late and most ‘pilgrim towns’ have restaurants or bars that put on a special meal for pilgrims called “menu del peregrine” which is a little earlier. As pilgrims usually eat a light lunch, this is really great as everyone is hungry and also eager to get to bed early.

9pm – 10pm: Early to bed early to rise! You’ll soon appreciate the importance of getting to bed early on the Camino. Equally you will want to organise your bags for the next morning. Even the night owls will find that staying up any later than 10pm is generally impossible.

Camino Ways are now offering packages for the solo traveller from €489pp in low season and from €589pp in high season, for the Portuguese Way.

Book today by logging onto or call 353 (0)1-525-28-86.

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