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Richard, United States – Via Francigena from Lausanne to Vercelli

“I just completed a 17-day walk from Lausanne, Switzerland, to Vercelli, Italy, using Camino Ways, or technically, their affiliate, Francigena Ways. They delivered a great and rather exclusive itinerary. As I’ve written here before, the strength of the company is their ability to provide hotels and baggage services for the less traveled Camino routes. And they execute well.

First off, the Via Francigena (going from Canterbury, England, to Rome) has far fewer walkers than the Camino de Santiago. You will often go several days without seeing a fellow walker. However, the scenery and historical sites often outshine its better-known competitor.

My route from Lausanne, Switzerland, to Vercelli, Italy, is considered second only to the stretch in Tuscany for its beauty (been there, done that). It was a great route overall, but several days in particular were spectacular: 1) the first day walking along Lake Geneva to Vevey; 2) the climb up the St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland and the descent the next day into Italy; 3) the ancient Roman town of Aosta and its surrounding alpine scenery; 4) the castles of Verres and Issogne; and 5) the first day’s transition from the Aosta Valley to Piedmont, specifically the walk from Ivrea to Viverone. Highly recommend!”

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