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Paul, Ireland – Awe-inspiring place

This leg took 8 days with a stopover in the stunning San Gimignano – what a place! We went at the end of June. The first 4 days were very difficult as it was about 36 degrees and it was difficult when you were in the open countryside trying to find shade.

The main problem we found on some of the routes was trying to find places to get water. We’d a particular problem going from San Miniato to Gambassi Terme (24 km) where luckily we found a water pump behind a derelict church. There was literally no other places en route. As a result, we had to carry loads of water each day. Also, we started the walk on a Monday and almost everywhere was closed!

Another thing to mention. We wore trainers because it was dry but we got caught in a thunderstorm and the dry clay paths turned to mud making it very difficult so maybe some more robust footwear would be advisable even in Summer.

The signposting is generally good with a mish-mash of different types of signs.

The countryside is stunning and the towns you pass through amazing. It was a great experience. We ended our trip in Siena which is such an interesting and awe-inspiring place.

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