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Our Camino preparation walks are back for 2018

The evenings are getting longer and the days a bit brighter so it’s time to start your Camino preparation. In order for you to make the most of your upcoming Camino you’ll need to make sure that you’re fit enough to enjoy wonderful views and amazing atmosphere.

We love getting outdoors here at Caminoways, and what better way to meet the Camino community than on local trails here in Ireland. Join one of our Sunday walks 2018 and the travel experts will be on hand to answer all your Camino questions. It’s also great practice for the Camino.

We are sponsoring walk at The Celtic Camino Festival and the Kerry Camino Festival in addition to our own walk calendar. Make sure to register for either of these amazing events soon as they tend to fill quickly.

Our full calendar of walks is available now here: Caminoways Sunday Walks 2018. All of the walks will be open for registration soon so make sure to check back for the walk that interests you.

Join Now

The first Caminoways preparation walk will take place on Sunday the 27th of May in Glendalough. We’ll be tackling the amazing Spink trails which features woodland strolls and some amazing views of the lake. You can register for the event below. We look forward to meeting you all on the trail.

For more information on any of our walking or cycling tours please contact the travel specialists.



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