Ning W, USA – A wonderful way to experience a pilgrimage. Thank you, Camino Ways!

We have been blessed to have three pilgrimages organized by the Camino Ways team — and each one has been perfect. We’ve done the entire French Way to Santiago, the Via Francigena in Italy and are presently back on the Camino in Spain on a shorter trip.

Camino Ways made all these trips possible. Because of their customer service, relationships with small private hotels and luggage transfer companies, we could focus on the walk itself. We could not have organized these relaxing and wonderful trips ourselves. There’s enough stress involved in doing a pilgrimage … walking the miles … being in a foreign country. Camino Ways allowed us to focus on the Camino itself rather than logistics. They have also done a great job of helping us with a few needed changes to the current trip. We’re very grateful. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more details.

20 April 2018


  1. By Maria

    Hi Stella, if you are worried about the distances we would definitely recommend the 10-day option so your walking days are never too long, see details here: Let us know if you need any assistance or advice. Kind regards.

  2. By Stella

    Hi Would you recommend the Short 10 day route for first timer? how is the challenge?

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