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Camino FAQ: New Camino route markers

In recent months, the Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) has been carrying out upgrading works of all Camino route markers within the region. The purpose of the project is to replace, upgrade and unify all markers along the Camino routes across Galicia; including the Camino Frances, which is the most popular Camino route (attracting 65% of all pilgrims).


Most of the Camino route markers across Galicia will replace existing milestones but in punctual locations, the new markers will now offer two alternatives to pilgrims: either to follow the historic route (Camino Historico) or an alternative trail (Camino Alternativo) which might be of interest from a natural point of view for instance; but ultimately both options will bring pilgrims back to the same trail.

The new Camino route markers (pictured) will all have the same design including the scallop shell, arrow indicating the direction that must be followed, as well as the number of kilometres to reach Santiago de Compostela.

At we are following the progress of this project and we’ll bring you all the updates on this topic.

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