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Explainer: Your New Camino Holiday Pack

We hope everyone is safe and well and looking forward to their upcoming walking holidays with us. Your New Camino Holiday Pack.

We know travel will return very soon this year and that governments in Spain, France, Portugal & Italy are working really hard to ensure travel returns in the safest way possible.

While travel has slowed down, one of the things we’ve been working on is taking customer feedback and applying it to our processes.

And one of the big changes we have made is to the New holiday packs that we send out prior to departure.

What’s new in the New Camino Holiday Pack?

Our guidebooks are now in electronic format  – Custom eBooks – with all of these advantages:
1. It is more sustainable, we aim to use less and less paper.
2. It will actually make a walker’s life simpler as our new eBooks are meant to be used on smartphones and so, you can keep it in your pocket.
3. There is little risk of spreading bacteria with additional items – everything is on your phone.
A paper guidebook is much less practical when you are walking. 

New Live Map Links

Another great change is that our guidebooks now have more select information, as now our maps are also electronic and can be used in any smartphone with Google Maps.
This allows you to have so much more information available on the same map. It means that you can rely on the map most of the time.
The map will show you all the things that normal Google Maps show like monuments, churches, cafes, and bars, etc.
But the best of all is that you no longer need to get your bearings straight as the smartphone will do it all for you.
The map always shows your position and direction in relation to your route.
It’s so simple that there is no need for navigation skills at all.
Moreover, you can use it to get directions to any place in or out of the route with distance and time. All in all, this will allow you to worry less and enjoy your walk even more.

How our new Live Map Links & Custom Ebooks work

Downloading our new holiday packs couldn’t be easier.

We have a dedicated New Camino Holiday Pack page set up with the step by step instructions for clients to show how to download the custom ebook and live map links to a smartphone.

We also have some tutorial videos for both Android and iPhone users which you can watch to get a step by step on your phone.

If you have any questions please get in touch with our Customer Care team by filling out the form below:


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