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Mother Tongues Festival

At we love languages. With over 35 staff, speaking different languages from around the world we are delighted to support any festival that promotes the spoken word. This year we are sponsoring the Mother Tongues Festival, taking place in Dublin from Feb 24th  to celebrate the UNESCO International Mother Language Day.

Performers, artists and language enthusiasts from around Ireland will gather to celebrate their mother tongue and showcase the different attributes of their languages.


Highlights of the festival include: Free language workshops, free Japanese Origami workshop, dance classes, live music performances, live theatre, poetry readings and more.

Here are just a sample of the languages spoken in the lunch room: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, English, Irish, Italian. We would like to wish everyone a great International Mother Language Day for Feb 24th. Enjoy all of the festivities and celebrating the spoken word throughout the world.

If you are a fan of languages and learning about various cultures then you may want to check out the Mother Tongues Festival.


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