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Moo, United States – Camino Frances, Sarria to Santiago 05/2015

frenchway-caminoways-ribadiso“Booking this adventure with CaminoWays was so easy I almost worried it wasn’t complete. Service was quick and efficient, and information plentiful. However you do have to read it… osmosis does not work. Cannot recommend them more highly.

First of all, this route is gorgeous. The pensiones were all terrific, clean, decent food, great service and perfect locations. Along the way I met up with a CaminoWays group and their guide who was outstanding – professional, friendly, helpful. And when I did that embarrassing thing of leaving a phone charger behind…. two days later it was delivered to my room. We upgraded to country cottages two nights, and those were great too – but I learned I would rather stay in a simpler place right on the route. Everything was perfect – and thank you CaminoWays too for the great weather! I will be back.”

More information about this Camino route: Camino Frances from Sarria.

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