Our Camino journey involved the last leg, Sarria to Santiago and I travelled with my 16 year old daughter. Our Journey started from Santiago Airport, arriving in Lugo for a very long wait to get the bus to Sarria. Sarria was a beautiful, friendly town. We met other pilgrim Caminos in Sarria and some who had travelled from Saint Jean in France. Our first day was great, a warm, sunny day, lovely gravel tracks, surrounded by streams and woodland to Sarria to Portomarin. The weather changed the next day for our walk to Palas de Rei, which involved a continuous down pour of rain all day. One Pilgrim we met from Australia on route was trying to dry his socks as they hung over his back pack, we also met a large dog which followed us. Our continued walk to Melide and Aruza involved us meeting up with friends from the UK who decided to travel at a slower pace. We finally started off at 8.00am from A Rua to Santiago, visiting monuments to arrive at Santiago Cathedral in time for the mass and “Botafumeiro”, where we met with fellow Pilgrims we had met back in Sarria. Fabulous experience.

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