We did a 3-day bike trip: Santiago, then nights in Olveiroa, Fisterra, and Muxia. Camino Ways is very well-run. Accommodations, shuttles etc all fine. Bike chain broke at one point (fortunately on a main road), we called and they came and replaced it. We seemed to be the only people biking this route, which is primarily a walking route, hence there was a good bit of walking the bike up dirt paths etc. On occasion the path is a difficult detour, e.g., leaving Fisterre it takes you on a rocky path up a hill, when a biker might have preferred to stick to the pleasant paved road closer to the coast. The first day (Santiago to Olveiroa) was very tough for us. After lunch halfway at Negreira, if exhausted (as we were) one might opt just to take the surface road to Olveiroa. (We tried that but took a wrong turn and got lost.) The next two days were pleasant and the towns etc are beautiful.

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