I enjoyed the challenge of the walks each day and at each turn there was always something that surprised us or gave us an extra challenge, steep climbs in the sunshine or paddling in a cool mountain river. The quiet of the forests punctuated with the cry of a buzzard , or coming across a badger sett on the path edge in the hillside. The unspoilt beaches and swimming in the cool Atlantic estuaries after a challenging day. Rushing to beat siesta so we can have a lunch and a cool drink on the wayside was always an incentive to move along. The people, culture and finding out Galicians were distant cousins of the Irish , it felt like coming home:) The pilgrim mass was emotional and joyful, especially as my Latin helped me to follow the mass and my months of learning Spanish enabled me to translate the homily to my family. It is a memory to last a lifetime and one I hope my grandsons will cherish as they move on to university and into life`s own journey and challenges.

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