This was my 3rd Camino…this time the Sanabres from Ourense. It was rural, uncrowded…the air filled with birdsong and the faint sounds of tractors working the fields. This was different too in that I walked with 2 friends and we made another after the 1st day. The 4 of us enjoyed many conversations about family, faith and the issues of the world. It felt special to be away from the ‘sounds of life’…TV’s, cars, buses, cell phones…and special to be able to have long, uninterrupted discussions. The Cathedral in Ourense, the Monastery in Oseira and San Francisco, and the Cathedral in Santiago were all powerful to walk through. On several occasions we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food we stumbled upon in small villages, and our 2 stays in guesthouses out in the country were hidden gems. I think I’ve finally figured out to stay in Santiago 3-4 days upon finishing to enjoy the remarkable city and all it has to offer. I hope my 4th Camino is in my immediate future, and I know that Camino Ways will do a fine job of organizing that like they did my previous 3. Buen Camino!

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