Pont du Rhone, Monthey to Saint – Maurice – 10km: This is such an easy walk and leave you with most of the day to soak up the history of Saint – Maurice. There is so much to see here and so much history. It would also be an excellent place to spend a rest day. Our accommodation here was also fabulous so we would have been happy to have an additional night here! So, needless to say we were very pleased with our decision to split the Villeneuve to Saint – Maurice 26km day into two sections. Pont du Rhone is a small tram station near the walking track. Take a train from Villeneuve to Aigle and then catch a tram to Pont du Rhone. We did this in reverse for the first section i.e walked to Pont du Rhone and then took the tram & train back to Villeneuve.

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