We recently returned from our guided Camino experience which took us along the French Way from Sarria to Santiago. We’ve been getting ourselves in shape for the past 18 months, but we still had concerns about whether or not we would be able to walk this stretch of the Camino which would qualify us to receive our Compostela if we could make it to Santiago. Caminoways is the most experienced tour operator that operates both guided and unguided Camino experiences. They know how to get you through the Camino. In advance of our Camino, Caminoways provided us with all the necessary information on how to prepare and what to expect from our Camino experience. Upon our arrival in Santiago, we were met by our guide, Manuel for the transfer to Sarria, from where our Camino began the following day. A seasoned Camino veteran, Manuel met with our group of 18 and guided us throughout the days on our trek towards the end of the walk. Our group was very diverse in age and physical abilities. Manuel started us all together each morning, but stayed back with us slower walkers to be sure everyone was safe.

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