The Camino was the most inspirational thing I have ever done. It was the closest experience I’ve had to “world peace”. Joining this wandering community of pilgrims from around the world who are seeking the same destination (Santiago de Compostela), walking the same Way, you create new international friendships that, despite different languages, are cemented with just two ancient words….”Buen Camino”. The Camino is not always easy. While you can’t change the Camino, it can change you.

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  1. Wayne Watkins says:

    Well done Alan, I did the 118km from Sarria at tge end of june. It was brilliant! And i will be going back. Wayne

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    What a beautiful reflection on your Camino experience Alan. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time on the trails. Love the photo, you both look very happy. Kind wishes, Lisa from CaminoWays.