Mass in English in Santiago Cathedral

Many pilgrims want to know if they can attend mass in English in Santiago Cathedral once they finish the Camino de Santiago and reach Santiago de Compostela.


There is a daily mass in English in Santiago Cathedral and here’s the schedule:

10am from Monday to Friday

9am on Sundays

These services take place at the Chapel of Our Lady of ‘Soledad’ (on the left as you enter from the Plaza Inmaculada).

Pilgrims of all faiths are welcome.

For more details related to masses at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, visit: 

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  1. By Maria

    Dear Rev, there has been some changes to the mass locations this year due to restoration works, more details here: In terms of mass readings, we recommend getting in touch with the Cathedral authorities directly to arrange this: I hope this helps! Buen Camino!

  2. By Rev. edward panek

    Buenas Tardes! I am a priest traveling with a group from Chicago visiting the shrine October 1-2.
    My question is there a special selection of readings chosen for shrine on the days or do we celebrate mass for the day? it would be helpful for planning issues. Thank you and God Bless!

  3. By Maria

    Dear Rev, thank you for getting in touch. The best thing would be to contact Santiago Cathedral directly to check if you could join one of their services, you can find their details here:, safe journey!

  4. By Rev John Brocato

    I am a Catholic Priest for the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana in the United State. Is it possible for me to celebrate Mass for the pilgrims I meet during my time on the Camino. I started 1 Oct. should finish in two days.

  5. By Maria

    Hi Bernadette, thanks for your note. There are many services at Santiago Cathedral all year round, you can see the schedule on the cathedral’s official page here:, including the Pilgrims Mass. I hope this helps. Kind regards.

  6. By Bernadette

    We will be in Santiago on Saturday 1st of November.
    Please can you email me to let me know what time is mass ?
    Do you have an evening mass on Saturday?
    Your website says that there is a daily mass at 6 pm till October. But we are there on the 1st of November.
    Many thanks

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