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Is the Camino safe? 5 Reasons why the Camino is one of the safest holidays.

*Update* Recently the Xunta de Galicia launched the Camino Seguro (Safe Camino) program.  This is a list of comprehensive measures for both Camino pilgrims and professionals working on the Camino de Santiago. The measures are intended to ensure the health and safety of all persons and outline protocols in relation to maximum capacity, training, supports, and advisory service for businesses. You can read more about the specific measures taken here. (Spanish)

“Is the Camino safe?”

This is a question we get asked frequently on social media and when we are speaking with clients on the phone.

The answer is yes, in fact, we believe the Camino is the safest type of trip you can take.

We understand that there are lots of questions about travel at the moment and we want to reassure you that not only is the Camino safe but is also a great travel option for when travel returns.

5 Reasons why the Camino is one of the safest holidays

In this blog post, we explore 5 reasons why the Camino is a safer holiday to take when travel returns.

So get ready to put the Camino right back into your bucket list for later in the year!

1. The Camino is a Self-guided holiday

The Camino is the ultimate self-guided holiday which means you can navigate a Camino route of your choosing at your own pace.

Self-guided means you can avoid more crowded areas or choose to take a quieter Camino route.

You decide where you go, how long you stay in one area and if you would like to spend more or less time in one place.

We provide all the information you need so you can relax and enjoy your Camino, your way.

Choosing a Self-guided holiday versus a guided holiday means flexibility and freedom of choice. 

Here are more reasons to choose a Self-Guided Camino Tour.


2. Social distancing is possible

In Spain, the recommended social distance is 1.5 meters and in Portugal, it is 2 meters. Social distancing is also mandatory in France.

Walking or cycling on the Camino trails is one of the safest options for social distancing as there is plenty of space to give to other pilgrims and them to you.

Choosing quieter routes for 2021 might mean you encounter a lot fewer walkers next year.

You also have the option to cycle the Camino which gives you even more control over social distancing.

Hiking and cycling are definitely two of the safest options when it comes to social distancing as you have complete control.


3. Being in the open-air in the countryside is safer

Being in a crowded indoor space can be a risk and indoor activities are best avoided if possible.

However, we know that being out in the open air is much safer in terms of transmission of the virus.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic has listed walking and hiking as the lowest risk outdoor activity you can do.

At the time of writing, in all Camino countries, it is mandatory to wear masks indoors and in outdoor public spaces that are likely to be crowded.

This is because the virus can be easily transmitted via particles in the air.

You should bring masks with you of course, but if you choose to walk the Camino, it’s unlikely you will encounter many crowded public spaces or experience many crowded indoor activities.

For further peace of mind, you can also choose quieter routes such as the Camino Primitivo or the Via de la Plata where you are less likely to meet other pilgrims.


4. Your Mental Health can benefit from walking the Camino

The past year has been crazy stressful for most, if not all of us. 

We have been stuck indoors juggling work and family life while simultaneously worrying about the pandemic and the economy. 

Often we have been unable to squeeze even an hour of me-time for a walk into our days.

But the truth is that we need a break and yes we need a holiday! It’s OK to say that!

And, the best type of holiday we can take is an active holiday which is good for the body and the mind.

The benefits of being outdoors, getting exercise, and having a goal to work towards have untold advantages for our mental health. 

To inspire you to begin your Camino adventure, we’ve got a downloadable Camino training plan just for you.

From exercises to stretches to healthy eating, training for the Camino may just be the mental health boost you need at this time.

5. Camino Accommodation complies with safety protocols

We often get asked questions about the hotels and accommodation on the Camino and the changes to expect.

First, we only work with Camino accommodation that adheres to the government guidelines in relation to COVID-19. 

To this end, we have interviewed hotels in Spain, hotels in Portugal, hotels in France, and hotels in Italy to find out how they are complying with the new safety protocols.

Second, we have then compiled case studies on some of these hotels and how they are applying the new regulations.

For added peace of mind, we also include photos and the changes that you can expect as a guest:

Spain: Casa Rural La Llave

France: Hotel-Restaurant le Barriol, Saint Julien Chapteuil 

Portugal: Moov Hotel Porto 

Italy (Via Francigena): Hotel la Cisterna

These are just some of the reasons why the Camino is the safest type of holiday you can take when travel returns.

For additional peace of mind, we are offering a Free Postponement option to all new bookings so we can remain as flexible as possible in terms of travel dates.

Contact our team of Camino Experts now to find out more or Get A Quote with us and we will get back to you right away!

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