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Kira, Marcia and Shawn, Canada, Portuguese Way, Oporto to Santiago

Kira, Marcia and Shawn have walked the Camino in 2013, here it’s there testimony :

“Dear Camino Ways,
Thanks for a fabulous trip! Our bike trip along the Portuguese Camino was everything we had hoped for. A time to experience Portuguese/Spanish culture in a variety of settings, the countryside, the people, the tourist attractions, vigorous exercise and each other. Our accommodations were outstanding and our luggage transfers flawless. Brand new mountain bikes were great!
Our daughter often questioned the medium fitness level recommended, and my wife was a little concerned about her lack of mountain bike experience, but all would agree that it was a spectacular trip and would recommend to our fit, adventure seeking friends. Thanks, we loved it”

Kira, Marcia and Shawn

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