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What is the Finisterre Way?

finisterreIf, when arrived in Santiago de Compostela, you haven’t had enough of the Camino, and you want to continue your adventure, you may consider the Finisterre Way. This Camino is the only one to go away from Santiago de Compostela. This may seem strange but there is a good reason for it! This route pre-dates Christianity, when pagans would go to what was believed to be “the End of the World” (Costa da Morte), where the sun is dying. Prayers would be said and offers would be made in order to please the Gods and hope for a new life.

This route has then been used by pilgrims who decided to extend their trip until the coastline of Costa da Morte, that for the ancient was the most western end of Europe, the final section of an itinerary marked in the sky by the Milky Way. At their arrival, pilgrims used to burn the clothes they walked with

This Xacobean route has its departure point in front of the Cathedral of Santiago and its destination in the Cape of Fisterra and the sanctuary of A Virxe da Barca. However, some pilgrims decided to extend their trip until Muxia, which is a day’s walk away, along the cliffs.



This is the complete itinerary for the Camino Finisterre Way (or Camino Fisterra), with traditional stages. Please note that “splits” have not been included in the table.

Sections Town Km Section Summary
Section 1 Santiago de Compostela
Negreira 22 Continue your Camino heading West from Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra, the end of the world!The quiet Finisterre Way, part of the famous Camino de Santiago, the Way of Saint James, is the only route starting in Santiago. This Camino route passes quiet villages, remote farmland, unspoiled landscapes and reaches the sea cliffs of the westernmost point in Spain, at Cape Fisterra.
Olveiroa 33
Cee 19
Finisterre 16
Extra Walking days Lires 14 After Fisterra, the trail follows the stunning craggy coastline of Atlantic Galicia to the fishing village of Muxía.This beautiful region of Galicia is known as the ‘Coast of Death’ and Fisterra (Finis Terrae) was once considered to be the end of the world!
Muxia 17

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