What is the Mont-Saint-Michel Way?

Along with Santiago de Compostela, Mont Saint Michel is one of the major pilgrimage shrines in Europe. It is nowadays one of the most visited sites in France, originally also one of the most popular destination for pilgrims coming from across the English Channel, before heading to Santiago de Compostela. The Mont-Saint-Michel way is approximately 500km long. It starts at the stunning Mont-Saint-Michel, in the region of Brittany, and heads South to Saintes, in the region of Poitou-Charentes, crossing the region of Pays-de-la-Loire. In the finishing point, Saintes, this Camino route joins the Camino de Santiago path coming from Tours and Paris, the Paris & Tours Way.

The Mont-Saint-Michel Way is divided in two sections: Mont Saint Michel to Nantes and Nantes to Saintes. The Mont-Saint-Michel Way passes the magnificent cities of Rennes, capital of Brittany, and Nantes, also called ‘the Venice of the West’. It also gives walkers the opportunity to visit magical historical buildings such as the castle of Clisson, the ruined abbey in Maillezais, the 16th century buildings in Surgères and the medieval abbey in Saint-Jean-d’Angély.



This is the complete itinerary for the Mont-Saint-Michel Way (Fr: Chemin de Mont-Saint-Michel), with traditional stages. Please note that ‘splits’ have not been included in the table.

Sections Town Km Section Summary
Section 1 Mont-Saint-Michel 0
Antrain 22 This first section of the Mont-Saint-Michel Way starts in Mont-Saint-Michel, a stunning and magical place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world; and ends in Nantes, the ‘Venice of the West’. This route crosses Rennes and goes through the relaxing green landscapes of Brittany and Pays de la Loire. You’ll have the opportunity to see a great number of beautiful churches, abbeys and castles on the way. You will discover many historical places, both religious and political, dating back to the Middle Ages, period of the Duchy of Brittany.
Sens-de-Bretagne 19
Saint-Médard-Sur-Ille 17
Rennes 27
Le Pont Réan 20
Bourg-des-Comptes 13
Messac 19
Langon 15
Etang de la Roche 28
Blain 23
Section 2 Nantes 38
Clisson 35 The second section of the Mont-Saint-Michel Way starts in Nantes, the ‘Venice of the West’, and ends in Saintes, city with gallo-roman, medieval and classical heritage. This second section takes you across the relaxing green landscapes of Pays de la Loire, passing many interesting historical places.
You will have the opportunity to visit many churches, abbeys and castles during this walking holiday, such as the castle of Clisson, the impressive ruins of the abbey in Maillezais, as well as medieval Surgères and Saint-Jean-D’Angély, two cities full of history.
Montaigu 19
Saint-Fulgent 29
Puybelliard 25
Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salle 25
Saint-Michel-le-Cloucq 22
Nieul-sur-l’Autise 10
Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud 28
Surgères 24
Puyrolland 15
Saint-Jean-d’Angély 20
Saintes 27


  1. By Maria

    Hi Ian, thank you for getting in touch, the Mont St Michel is way marked, you can find more information from the Brittany St James Association here: https://www.compostelle-bretagne.fr/index.php/fr/guides-et-chemins-bretons-fr / https://www.compostelle-bretagne.fr/index.php/fr/guide-et-chemin/voie-des-capitales. We don’t offer this trip at the moment but we will review in the future again.

  2. By Ian Mclaren

    Is the Mont St Michel to Saints trail marked and is a map available

  3. By Dan

    Hi Maria,

    I’m planning on taking some kind of pilgrimage in January. I will only have about 10 days or so for the journey, so I was thinking of trekking the Mont Saint Michel Way. If I take this pilgrimage, I would probably start in the north at Rouen, France and travel south. I’d be grateful for any advice, regarding either routes to Mont Saint Michel, or other pilgrim routes that you’d recommend during that time.

    All the best,

  4. By Maria

    Hi Jose, yes you can, there is a Camino route from Mont Saint Michel and you can get your pilgrim passport stamped along the way. Buen Camino!

  5. By Jose Martin

    Hello, I have done The Camino Frances to Santiago De Compostela last year, I am traveling to London for a few days and then to Paris and taking the train to Normandy. I plan to visit Mont St Michel and reading information about it tells me it is part or there is camino to Compostela. My question is can I bring my compostela passport and get it stamped there in Normandy way.
    Thank you

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