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COVID-19 UPDATE: Hotels in Portugal are busy getting COVID-ready

Hotels in Portugal are busy getting COVID-ready

Tourism is a very important industry for Portugal and every year tens of millions of tourists visit the country. It’s easy to see why Portugal attracts so many visitors with its stunning sandy beaches, delicious fresh seafood, beautiful countryside, and friendly people. We currently have 3 walking routes in Portugal – the Camino Portugues, The Portuguese Coastal Camino, and the Rota Vicentina (Fisherman’s Trail). Hotels in Portugal are busy getting COVID-ready

These have become very popular options in summer for pilgrims looking to experience history, beaches, great food & wine.

Reopening Hotels in Portugal

Like hotels in Spain, hotels in Portugal have been extremely proactive in working with the new government guidelines to get “COVID-ready”. Many of the hotels in Portugal have been open since the beginning of June.

At the end of April, the Portuguese Tourist Board (Turismo de Portugal) launched The Clean & Safe Stamp. This is a stamp of approval for hotels and all tourism providers to say that they are compliant with the new safety protocols as outlined by the Government.

The stamp is for one year and the displaying of the stamp is subject to random audits to ensure protocols are being adhered to.

Hotels in Portugal are busy getting COVID-ready

Health and safety measures for Hotels in Portugal

Before hotels in Portugal are “COVID-ready” to accept guests and receive their Clean & Safe Stamp, they must comply with the below:

  • Training for all staff on correct behaviours and disinfection techniques
  • COVID-19 Information for guests must be on display and readily available
  • Changes in the organisation to ensure one member of staff is responsible for internal protocol
  • All surfaces and objects are cleaned and disinfected several times per day
  • All staff to wear personal protective equipment
  • Online check in where possible
  • Hand sanitiser (alcohol) on each floor and beside the entry and exits.
  • Changes to bed linen washing & changing of beds
  • Changes to waste management & increased cleaning in the bedrooms

Confidence in Hotels in Portugal

With international tourism expected to commence from July 1st, hotels in Portugal are very busy working to implement the above guidelines.

We are in constant contact with our hotels in all regions in Portugal to ensure they are being fully compliant.

One such example of a hotel that has surpassed our expectations is the Moov Hotel Porto.

Overall we are fully confident that hotels in Portugal that we work with will be more hygienic, safer, and more enjoyable for guests than ever before.

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