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Hotels in Italy: Reopening & “COVID-ready”

We have a number of Walking routes in Italy including the Via Francigena and the St. Francis Way.

These routes have remained empty in recent times but now with Italy open for travel once again, pilgrims will be back out on the trails.

Over the past few months, we have been in touch with hotels in Italy constantly to check in on how they are doing.

The good news is that our partner hotels are planning to reopen as soon as possible in line with the new Italian Government guidelines which were released at the end of April.

Guidelines for reopening hotels in Italy

Here you can view the government guidelines for the reopening of hotels in Italian.

We are working to ensure that the hotels we deal with are following these guidelines for your health and safety.

For your convenience, we have translated these guidelines into English below and these are the measures to be taken by hotels in Italy:

General Measures: Reception Areas

  • Social distance required (at least 1 metre, or different requirements by the local authority)
  • Differentiate the exit/entrance system so there is a one-way system
  • No handshakes with clients
  • Hand gel needs to be available for guests and employees.
  • Reception employees need to wear a mask (and gloves if necessary)
  • If available use check-in online system and implement self check-out and card keys. If card keys are not available every set of keys needs to be cleaned after every guest
  • Lifts to be used only if the social distance can be kept

Bedrooms and Common Spaces

  • Cleaners will have PPE items as gloves, mask, covers for shoes and head (if necessary)
  • Only one cleaner per room
  • When cleaning the rooms windows need to be opened
  • If guests stay more than one night, cleaning will be provided as per company procedure
  • If there is a change of guests, the room will be sanitised.
  • Empty all bins during every cleaning session
  • Cleaning all surfaces as handles, desks, bedside tables, wardrobe, chairs, etc
  • Used bed linen and towels need to be put in a sealed box or bag (kept separate from clean items tray)
  • All cleaning wipes and clothes need to be disposable.
  • It’s advisable to remove carpets, runners, decorative cushions, and non-necessary accessories.
  • Coffee and tea facilities need to be cleaned and changed for every guest
  • Common areas like staircases, corridors, landings, halls, lifts, hall restrooms need to be cleaned and sanitised regularly
  • Hand gel needs to be provided outside communal restrooms

Food and Beverage Services

-In the Breakfast Room, Bar and Restaurant, a social distance of at least 1 metre needs to be kept
– No use of coat hangers or cloakrooms (unless disposable cover per items can be provided)
– Waiters/Barmen need to wear masks and use hand gel
– Tablecloths and tableware need to be changed after every service.
– It’s advisable to provide single-use sugar, condiments, dressings, etc
– Buffet style can be only available if the social distance can be kept and kitchen tongs, cutlery, etc needs to be changed frequently
– Cleaning of plates and items only with dishwashers (both for used and not used items that were in contact with guests)
In addition to these measures outlined above, we are checking in regularly with our hotels in Italy to get feedback and photos on how they are implementing the guidelines to be COVID-ready for guests this summer.
If you have any questions about hotels in Italy or any of the Italian Walking Routes, please contact us on the form below:

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