All new Camino trips get a Free Postponement

Holiday pack,

We take a particular pride of doing practical and useful Holiday Packs. Those have been made by our staff after travelling to the destinations. A Holiday pack contains practical information for enjoyment of your holiday with us. It includes: information about your hotel and their location, information about the luggage transfers and other services, a luggage tag per client, detailed cycling/walking notes or a guide book, detailed maps, a phrase book, a list of what to bring with you, information relative to the place with history, sightseeing, what food to expect. They reflect as accurately as we could the route and are updated on a yearly basis.


Here is the kit of holiday pack.









This is the pilgrim passport that is stamped at each stage of your journey










This is the tag that will be added to your luggage in order to be transferred from hotels to hotels

We also will provide you maps to go on the right way.

Those walking notes and guidebook will help you to find your way and to discover some stories about your destination, even though the route is well marked.


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