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Habemus Pope Francis

Habemus Pope FrancisSt-Francis-Way-CaminoWays-S Habemus Pope Francis

There was big news from the Vatican last night, as Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio was chosen to be the next pontiff, Pope Francis.

He is both the first American and the first Jesuit to become a Pope. He has taken the name of Francis, in honour of St Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan order and committed to his work with the poor and disadvantaged, as well as his love for nature (he is usually depicted surrounded by birds and animals).

Did you know the St Francis Way is a walking trail and popular pilgrimage that follows the steps of St Francis? It takes four stages and goes all the way from Florence to Rome.

CaminoWays guide Cristina is currently walking the second stage of this gorgeous trail, across the lush Italian countryside. She is currently only three days away from Assisi, birth place of St Francis.


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