Happy and Green 2019: CaminoWays encourages walkers to reduce single use plastics

At CaminoWays.com we are starting the year with fantastic new resolutions and we’d like to invite all our friends and customers to join us in our drive for a Green 2019.

As walkers, cyclists and big fans of the outdoors, we would like to do our bit this year to reduce unnecessary plastic and encourage all our friends and clients to do the same.


From January 2019, all CaminoWays.com clients have the option to include a practical refillable foldable water bottle as part of their tour package, for the symbolic amount of €1. This refillable water bottle will be posted with your holiday pack ahead of your trip.

Much has been said about single-use plastic in the past few months and the impact our consumption habits are having on the environment. Plastic waste such as bags, straws, packaging and water bottles are a major source of pollution, particularly in our oceans.

As walkers, we’ve all bought water bottles but did you know one million plastic bottles are bought each minute around the world? The majority of these bottles are not recycled, ending up in landfill or littering our seas and injuring marine wildlife.

As part of this year’s Greenlife Fund initiative, CaminoWays.com would like to encourage of all our clients to have a Green 2019, always take your refillable water bottle with you on your adventures and reduce single-use plastics in your travels as much as possible.


Wishing you all a Happy and Green 2019!

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  1. By Maria

    Hi Diane, the water bottles are BPA free. Thank you for getting in touch.

  2. By Diane

    Are your plastic bottles bpa free?

  3. By Maria

    Dear Sergio, thank you for getting in touch. If you have 1 week, we would recommend cycling the Camino from either Ponferrada (200kms) or Leon (300kms), depending on your cycling experience. You can find some details here: https://caminoways.com/ways/french-way-camino-frances/french-way-section-2-cycling would you like us to email you an itinerary and quote? Kind regards.

  4. By Sergio drago

    I am thinking of doing the French way from the 14/05/2019 till 20/05/2019
    Cycling x 3 persons
    Is it possible

  5. By Tamsin L Grainger

    Great idea!

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