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friends-of-santiago-cathedral-camino-de-santiago-caminowaysMany of you have been asking about the scaffolding covering the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago Cathedral’s facade and towers are currently undergoing major restoration work, expected to last 18 months in total (work started in late 2013).

This major work has an estimated cost of €3.7 million. €2m of the cost will be covered by the cathedral and government authorities but the remainder €1.7 million needs to be raised. Camino de Santiago and Santiago Cathedral fans can also contribute and help restore the cathedral’s facade to its best, either making a once-off donation of €10 minimum or becoming a ‘Friend of the Cathedral’ for €25.

‘Your Cathedral Needs You’ and you can help and become part of its future history.

At we are proud to be doing our bit and we are among the ‘colaboradores’ of the cathedral.

You can find more information on how to help by clicking on the following link:


  1. By Lisa

    Good Morning, thank you for your question. We would advise speaking with the Cathedral directly if you have any questions regarding the scaffolding. Here is the direct link: Kindest wishes, Lisa from CaminoWays.

  2. By Nil

    I would like to know, Is there any news of when the scaffolding will be removed from the. Cathedral?

  3. By Maria

    Hi Jacqueline, according to media reports earlier this month, one of the towers will be uncovered by Summer time but repair work on the second tower might be delayed. We’ll keep an eye on the news reports and keep you updated. Kind regards.

  4. By Jacqueline Barros

    Dear sir or madam,
    Is there any news of when the scaffolding will be removed from the. Cathedral. Some news articles from the fall of 2014 indicated it could be this Spring.
    I have a few friends that will be visiting me in Galicia this Summer.
    Thank you and Sincerely,
    Jacqueline Barros

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