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FREE WEBINAR: Walking in Tuscany on the Camino to Rome

Join our travel team for a free webinar on November 9th at 4:30pm. In this webinar we will go through the history of the Via Francigena, aka the Camino to Rome. We will explore some of the most popular sections for walking and cycling this stunning route in Tuscany.

If you have completed your Camino journey and looking for a new adventure than any section of the Via Francigena will excite you. The Via Francigena is the Camino to Rome, an ancient pilgrimage that is well sign posted and goes through some of the most magnificent landscapes in Europe. The whole route begins in Canterbury and finished in Rome but we are going to focus on the sections in Tuscany for this webinar. On these sections you can experience the best of the Italian countryside, sample the world class Italian food and enjoy walking through some of the most picturesque villages.

Our travel specialists will give you the best travel tips and discuss some of the most popular routes, including: the section from Lucca to Siena, Siena to Viterbo and Viterbo to Rome. We will give you details on how to pack, what to wear, some cultural and culinary treats to expect and the best time of the year to travel.

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