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camino-frances-la-rioja-caminowaysExperience one of Europe’s most treasured and travelled walks with a tailor-made expertly planned bespoke holiday with Camino Ways. Take a break from beaches and resorts and experience a holiday that will bring you closer to the nature, culture and the history of your destination. Ireland’s leading walking holiday provider Camino Ways has just announced a new line of unique breaks catering for every holiday lover, explorer, adventurer and level of walkers all at great price.
Camino Ways are offering Irish holiday makers the opportunity to experience a variety of new breathtaking pilgrimage routes along the infamous Santiago de Compostela in Spain at a time and a place that suit your needs. The newest additions to their highly successful walking holidays include – The longest of the Camino walks Via de la Plata Camino, from Seville to Santiago and the shortest – Podensis or Le Puy, along with routes Camino Aragones, Camino Norte and Camino Primitivo ranging in price from €400.
Via de la Plata Camino (from Seville to Santiago) is one the longest and most challenging of the Camino Ways walks stretching over 1,000km from Seville to Santiago. This walk incorporates the provinces of Ourense, Pontevedra, and A Coruña, crossing nature reserves of great cultural and ecological heritage, prices ranging from €400 to €780 for 9 days / 8 nights.

The Podensis or Le Puy route (800km) for a shorter trek is also available. The historic route was taken the 1st time in 950 AD when archbishops of Le Puy en Velay walked to the tomb of St James, opening the 1st non-spanish route to Santiago. Along Le Puy Route, modern walkers enjoy various incredible landscapes and a rich medieval architectural heritage as the Camino runs through some of the most typical rural French areas, crossing towns and cities full of history, costs ranging from €490 to €680 for 8 days / 7 nights.

A key feature of ‘Camino Ways’ walking holidays is their hassle free nature. Every walk along the El Camino de Santiago or ‘the way of St James’ offers clients stress free holiday experiences as there is simply no need to plan, research and transport any part of your holiday – leaving the walking up to you! Over the last number of years Camino Ways walks have become more and more popular, with high levels of repeat business and a growth in level of new walkers.
All levels of experience are catered for and hikers are afforded an opportunity not available on most trips to take time and explore the very essence of a region, the flavours and aromas of traditional food, a chance to broaden their cultural awareness and soak up the traditional atmosphere of a country. Walkers truely are afforded beautiful accommodation, top cuisine and an adventure of a lifetime.

Speaking at the launch, Roland Monsegu, Director, Camino Ways commented;
“The educated traveler expects more from a holiday that just a beach and a bar these days. Our clients are interested in exploring the off beaten track experiencing the true culture of a region and its customs. The range of walks and destinations available through Camino Ways are a testimony to the natural beauty along Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous Way of Saint James showcasing the un-spoilt and beautiful landscapes.”

With such astounding walks on offer it takes a passionate team to drive these initiatives forward and that is exactly what the Camino Ways Team Roland Monsegu, Gerald Kennedy and Peter Balsam have developed. The team is passionate about walking and trekking across Europe and the globe, passionate about helping others create treasured memories of foreign lands and passionate about helping others explore the off beaten track of a region.
Why not find out more about these fantastic walks and destinations at You will find when taking a walking holiday with Camino Ways that a journey is just as important as the destination.


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