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FAQ: What are the Portuguese Camino Routes?

In Portugal, we have two main Portuguese Camino Routes to Santiago – the Camino Portugues Central and the Camino Portugues Coastal.

However, there a few different starting points and a variety of ways you can travel.

FAQ What are the Portuguese Camino Routes?

This is a question we are asked quite a lot. It is unsurprising as there are a few different but similar Camino routes on the Camino Portugues.

Below is an outline of the various routes to Santiago from Portugal:


As you can see there are 2 different starting points, Lisbon and Porto (where most pilgrims start).

Caminho Central (Central Route) – 260km from Porto to Santiago, goes inland all the way.

More information here: Camino Portugues Central

Lisbon to Santiago (The Main Route)

Caminho da Costa (Coastal Route) – 280km from Porto to Santiago, follows the coast (except the first day from Porto) till Redondela where it joins the Central Way.

More information here: Camino Portugues Coastal

Senda Litoral What we call seaside route that is booked under the Portuguese Coastal route and the customer can decide once there whether to follow the “seaside path or litoral” or the regular “coastal path”.

The distance is more or less the same as the Coastal Route.

From Porto, it follows the coast until Vila do Conde after goes the same way as the Coastal Route with the main difference the Litoral literally sticks to the coast. It merges with the Central Route at Redondela.

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