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FAQ: When should I rebook my postponed holiday to the Camino?

We know that due to unforeseen circumstances, many of you have had to put your travel plans on hold this year.

To those that have postponed their 2020 trip, we are very grateful that you are planning to rebook with us as soon as you can.


FAQ: When should I rebook my postponed holiday to the Camino?

We are getting many questions about rebooking a postponed holiday to the Camino and for this reason, we hope that the below FAQ helps to answer some of the questions you might have:

Q. 1 When should I rebook my postponed holiday to the Camino?

What we would advise, is that if you are planning to travel in 2021 or even in early 2022, to rebook your travel dates as soon as possible. There are a few reasons for this:

  • 2021 is looking likely to be an especially busy year on the Camino.
  • Holy Year (Xacobeo) is still planned for 2021 which will mean naturally more pilgrims and less availability for accommodations.
  • Many other pilgrims have already postponed their Camino trips until 2021 so the longer you leave it, it’s less likely you will be able to get your first preference dates and accommodations.

Q.2 What if I can’t get flights for those dates?

We would always recommend booking your flights first as soon as possible and then rebooking your travel dates with us once you have confirmation of your flights.

Always check the terms and conditions of your flight provider to ensure flexibility.

Q. 3. Will the hotels on the Camino still be open?

We have been in constant contact with our hotels and suppliers on the ground in Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy.

While some of our hotels are closed at the moment, there are still many options for high-quality accommodation that we are working with for next year.

We will always aim to find you the best possible accommodation that is available at the time.

Q. 4 What will the travel restrictions be next year?

While we do not have a crystal ball, we can only assume that travel restrictions will be lifted to a certain extent, most certainly in Europe.

Travel must resume sooner rather than later, in the safest way possible.

In Europe, we should see shortly a “Traffic light system” which will help to avoid confusion about travel safety.

Q. 5 What is the European Traffic Light System that will be in place?

Recently, the European Council adopted common criteria for the freedom of movement of people in the European bloc.

What it means is that there will be a new “traffic light system” or colour coding of countries according to the assessed travel risk.

This information will be updated and published on a weekly basis and will be available on this EU website.

Its aim is to provide clarity to travelers around risk and restrictions and to ensure the most up to date and accurate information about travel within Europe.

Q. 6 Will there be testing at airports?

We see that some airports have already implemented a quick testing facility to ensure those that get on the flight do not pose a travel risk.

To us, a clean digital health passport is preferential to quarantining after arrival in a country so we would like to see more testing facilities like this rolled out in all airports in the coming months.

Q. 7 Will I be able to travel?

We do hope that travel resumes shortly and that we can all get on with our travel and holiday plans in the safest way possible.

While we don’t know the answer to whether you will be able to travel or not, we can only assume with technology, testing, the traffic light system and the hope of a vaccine for next year, safe and healthy travel will once again become the norm.


Overall, we would advise that if you have postponed, it is a good time to rebook your dates as soon as you can.

If you have postponed and would like to rebook your travel dates please get in touch with us today by filling out the form below:



*Please visit our terms and conditions for more information around postponement/rebooking.

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