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Camino FAQ: What is a Casa Rural?

A Casa Rural, also known as Country Cottage in our Camino de Santiago tours, is a very specific type of accommodation. The concept of Casa Rural is a relatively recent development in the hospitality industry in Galicia and across Spain in general.


A Casa Rural is a boutique country property, typically an old farm house or homestead but it could also be an old rectory or grand houses – called ‘Pazo’. These properties have been refurbished respecting the local architecture and traditional building methods of the region. The casa rural phenomenon and the restoration of old homes and farms for visitors has also had a very positive impact on many rural communities, as they have brought new life (and visitors!) to areas that might have been otherwise off the beaten track.

As its name suggests, a casa rural is located in a rural setting. You will find some along stretches of the Camino de Santiago but most casas rurales will be located a few kilometres outside the main towns and villages.

At we work with many casas rurales along the different Camino de Santiago routes, many of them award-winning; and we arrange for our clients to be picked up from the Camino trail and taken back to the starting point the following morning.

A Parada das Bestas, Casa Brandariz, Rectoral de Goián, Casa da Igrexa, Casa Goris, Casa Casarellos, Casa Calvo, Acivro, Pazo de Lestrove, Torre do Rio… are some of the many great casas rurales we work with.

Why should you stay at a casa rural?

– Each casa rural is unique. The properties have been lovingly restored and keeping in with their rural surroundings. If you are looking for character, this is the way to go.

– You will enjoy personal service and the best of local hospitality, as they are generally family-run homes.

– They generally serve home-cooked dishes using local, seasonal and in many cases even home-grown produce.

-They are located in rural areas, ideal if you are looking for an idyllic retreat for the evening.

However, if you rather stay near other pilgrims in the main Camino stopping villages and towns, a casa rural might not be the best option for you. Talk to our Camino specialists if you are not sure.

Which Camino tours include a casa rural?

You can find the Country Cottages option on many tours (click on ‘Booking’ tab), mainly in Galicia:

– Country Cottages on the Camino Francés from Sarria to Santiago.

– Country Cottages on the Camino Portugues from Tui to Santiago.

– Via de la Plata from Ourense to Santiago also includes a couple of nights in a casa rural. Some of our standard packages might include a casa rural stay, depending on the route, check with our travel specialists.

You also have the option to upgrade to the Superior Collection in some of our Camino tours such as the Portuguese Coastal Way and Via de la Plata from Ourense. These packages will include some stays in casas rurales along the way.

For more information about staying in Country Cottages, our Camino de Santiago routes or to book your trip, contact our Camino specialists


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