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Things to do during Easter in Rome

Are you planning to finish your Via Francigena walk this Easter in Rome? With Easter being one of the most important weeks in the Catholic calendar This is a great time to spend a few days in the capital of Italy. Here are a few things that you can do and see during this holy week in Rome.things-to-see-at-easter-rome-italy-via-francigena

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday the Pope gives a morning mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica from 9:30am. Later that day there is a second mass held in the Basilica of Saint John Leteran to commemorate the bathing Apostles.

The Via Crucis on Good Friday

This is a highlight of Easter time in Rome and a leading celebratory day of the week. In Rome, the Pope pantheon-Rome-walking-italy-via-francigena-waysleads a ritual procession called the Via Crucis or stations of the cross. This ceremonial parade commemorates the events of the passion of Christ from station to station. It takes place between the dramatic settings of the historic Colosseum and the Temple of Venus. At each station the Pope reads a meditation in various languages.
Thousands of spectators will gather to watch the events. You do not need a ticket but you should get there as early as possible to see the procession. The official ceremony starts at 9pm.

Holy Mass at Saint Peter’s Square

easter-in-rome-via-francigena-things-to-seeTwo mass services take place on Easter Sunday. The morning mass at Saint Peter’s Square where the crowds gather for morning prayer and the papal address at noon where the Pope provides a message and a blessing called the Urbi et Orbi, meaning, ‘To the City and the World’. This is a wonderful event and usually performed from the balcony of St.Peter’s Square.

To finish off your short stay in Rome don’t miss the fireworks display that close Easter week on Monday at the Castel Sant’Angelo

All of the tickets for the above mass services are free but some need to be booked in advance. For more details on booking tickets for the Holy Mass or the calendar of events you can visit the official Vatican website.

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